• Darwin said:

    “The life of man would be made extremely difficult if the bee disappeared.”


    But 2016 has seen the catastrophic disappearance of 40% of the world's bee population...








    Paris, London,

    Stockholm, New York...

    are welcoming Bees,
    a threatened source of life, findING more and more refuge
    on the rooftops, parks and gardens of our cities



  • Would you like to help the environment by acquiring or sponsoring one or more beehives in and around Stockholm?

    We can install them and care for them.


    You write to us,


    We build and place the beehive(s) on your roof or garden, install the bees and see to their well-being.


    Then, every year we harvest your honey, which you can give or sell to your friends and clients,


    or just feel good about helping the environment and the coming generations.


    Another alternative is to sponsor beehives we can install in other locations.

  • the advantages

    of our beehive

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    100% Natural materials

    Each hive is made by hand,

    with untreated local wood.

    The alveoli are the work of bees, unlike prefabricated paraffin. They are afixed by the bees to wood, replacing the wires that threaten the bee’s delicate antennae.

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    No paint with chemicals

    Instead, keeping the moisture away with good eaves on our roofs, keeps the bees dry and healthy.

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    In addition, these hives allow you to benefit from the HQE (High Environmental Quality) standard, joining many major companies - Hilton Hotel Slussen, Sigtuna Kommun, Tyresö Kommun, Radison Blu Hotel, Ica HK Solna, etc. In Paris - H&M, Paris Opera, Grand Palais, GDF Suez, Vinci, Necker Hospital, etc.

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    Art for a great cause

    The hives we propose to you are art objects that will reinforce the image of excellence of your establishment. They can be painted or burned with a unique design, featuring your logo. This hive, for example, features a rendering of Nacka Kommun's logo.

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    100% organic honey

    A priceless gift for your clients but specially, you will support this very important cause for the environment and humankind.
    Your customers will discover the purity of your honey at breakfast, in a jar of this nectar, featuring a fragment of natural wax and a label specially designed in your image. It’s a souvenir that will make them rememer you...

  • details about

    acquiring or sponsoring

  • As a bee supporter...

    Aside from the satisfaction

    of helping the cause and contributing to national production of ecological honey,

    you will also receive a card or a diploma

    of meritorious recognition

  • There are different options you can choose from,
    if you want to help the bees...

    Look at the choices below and remember the letter of your chosen item.

    The button below will take you to our Swedish portal,

    where you can make your purchase.

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    Have a hive with your own honey production

    3 400.00 kr / month

    Like honey, time is precious. Don't let time dribble away. Have a beehive installed today! You will then start having honey in 2019. First, the bees have to build their combs, those beautiful hexagonal structures, which eventually are filled with honey and then we will collect it and bottle it for you! Sponsor them monthly or yearly, as you would sponsor a child from India.
    We offer discounts if you acquire more than one beehive!

    1 beehive - 3 400 kr/month

    2 beehives - 6 300 kr/month

    3 beehives - 9 200 kr/month

    4 beehives - 12 100 kr/month

    (Prices include moms)

    Read the downloadable document for more details.

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    Help the environment by sponsoring one or more beehives, either in your property or anywhere else

    2 900.00 kr / month

    We will install it (them) and care for the bees. As a generous monthly or yearly gesture from you towards the environment, you would sponsor a beehive and receive every year a token honey jar and a report and photos about their progress. Plus, you will get an elegant diploma at the start. Discounts apply when you sponsor more than one beehive.

    1 beehive - 2 900 kr/month

    2 beehives - 5 800 kr/month

    3 beehives - 8 700 kr/month

    4 beehives - 11 600 kr/month

    (Prices include moms)

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    Sponsor a thousand bees in a hive

    1 000.00 kr / month

    You can also sponsor them by the thousands.
    At present, you can help a hive located at the Waldorf Idun School, as the bees prepare themselves for winter.
    They are located at Velamsundsvägen 1, 132 36 Saltsjö-Boo.
    It's an exciting discovery time as many bees are busy working inside, while others visit the flowers. So, if you want to be part of the adventure, sponsor a thousand bees in this hive, become its monthly or annual supporter!

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    Sponsor individuals bees​

    500.00 kr / month

    But you can also just sponsor a few hundred individuals.
    And if you want to give a special present to a friend, offer her/him a sponsor's card gift. Remember to tell us it's for a gift, so we know how to write the card accordingly and send it to you by e-mail. You can then forward it personally to your friend. The card will contain information about the sponsored bees as well.

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    Acquire an original bee painting

    4 000.00 kr

    If you want a representation of the bees you own or sponsor, give yourself or give a friend a gift of an original painting by artist Martin Vinaver.
    You must commission it and it will resemble the painting in this picture. You can visit his website by clicking on the black dot at the bottom left or type www.martinvinaver.com on your browser to familiarize yourself with his artwork.
    Painting Specifications:
    A combination of inks, watercolors, pencils and sometimes gold leaf on a 300 x 210 mm 100% cotton paper.

  • The bees

    have been here 94 million years before our hairy ancestors. However, just in the last 50 years we have managed to destroy a large part of the ecosystem, endangering not only their very existence
    but our existence as well... Since we depend on them
    more than we can imagine...
    We have to act now !

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    if you have any questions...